VA healthcare

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imagesEKBUQPJ2I have suggested eliminating the current VA healthcare system and consolidating it with the public system. There will be some individuals who will strongly oppose the elimination of the existing VA healthcare system. This will probably consist mainly of those individuals whose livelihoods and retirements depend on the existing system. There will be some veterans who mistakenly believe that the current system exists to benefit them and they will resist any change. This idea is incorrect. I agree that veterans deserve the healthcare they were promised when they signed up or were recruited. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system does not live up to the promise that they were given in the beginning. As I have stated before, in previous blogs, the current VA healthcare system is grossly inept and inefficient. It fails to provide the veterans with the most basic needs in an efficient and timely manner. Most of the health problems experienced by veterans could easily be handled by the existing private healthcare system.  The majority of the health problems are not combat related. The veterans could obtain prescriptions at their local pharmacy and see their local physician for routine health maintenance. As I have previously alluded to, this would be much more convenient and efficient for the veterans. They would no longer have to drive 2 to 3 hours and see a strange physician for routine health maintenance. They could be issued a special “health-card” from the government and it could be used, like all insurance cards, to pay for any health related expenses. This would then allow the veterans to get the healthcare that they were promised in the beginning.  Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont has already begun the change by allowing individuals to obtain local healthcare under certain conditions.  This is a time of great change is the world.  This is an idea whose time has come.  If the old system worked, this discussion would not be necessary,  The old way of doing things has been proven to be a failure, and the veterans deserve better.


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