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urlHere is a radical idea.  What if we used financial compensation as a tool to shape our society into the kind of society that we wish to live in?  Sure, we already do that, but in my opinion we have gone a bit astray.  What if teachers were paid better salaries, and doctors were compensated less?  I was talking with a man the other day, who had just returned from Germany, and apparently that is what they already do there.  I am a doctor, but I think this idea is perhaps the start of something beautiful.  As a physician, we do some very valuable service for our society, but so do teachers and for that matter, so do police.  Perhaps it would behoove our society to make these fields of endeavor more desirable, so that we might attract some of the best and brightest.  After all, don’t teachers and our schools mold and inform our children, who represent the future of our country.  The police provide social stability, which is vitally important to the economic welfare of our country, but as it stands, both of these fields of work are at the bottom in terms of financial compensation.  The top is occupied by sports, entertainers, doctors, lawyers and others.  I love making “large money”, but perhaps society would be better served by rearranging our priorities.  They work very hard, put in long hours, and deserve our respect.  They often use their own money to provide the students with the necessary equipment.  Perhaps, they also deserve better compensation.  This is not communism or socialism, as some detractors might infer, since it continues to rely on the markets for any adjustments.  Maybe it is time that we, as a society, adjusted our priorities to reflect our goals and invest in our children.


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