Costa Rica

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DSC02958If you have never been to Costa Rica, then you need to go.  There are friendly people, a wonderful climate, great restaurants, beautiful scenery and plenty of wildlife.  What is there not to like?  The country is small, with a spine of mountains running down its center.  There are two coasts-the east( the Caribbean), and the west(the Pacific).  There are two main peninsulas on the west side.  The Nicoya peninsula, in the north, and the Osa peninsula in the south.  Both are sparsely developed, with beautiful beaches and wonderful wildlife.  Costa Rica is home to three species of monkeys, the Howler, the Squirrel, and the white-faced or Capuchin monkey.  There are numerous parrots and hummingbirds ( my favorite ), as well as many other species of birds.  I have even been fortunate enough to see Scarlet Macaws in the trees.

At first I was concerned that the country was too tropical and therefore hot, humid and full of insects.  I was wrong on all counts.  The daytime temperature is in the mid-80’s and at night it cools down into the upper 60’s for sleep.  There is almost always a breeze in the evening blowing in from the ocean.  This is the usual pattern from December through March.  This is the “dry” season in Costa Rica.  There are really only two seasons here- the “dry” and the “wet” seasons.  I have not been during the wet season, but many locals prefer it because of the flowers and the increasing greenery.

The language, of course, is Spanish.  I speak little very little Spanish, but the locals are friendly and willing to help with the language barrier.  The money is colonies and the numerous banks will gladly make the foreign currency exchange, but most businesses accept the US dollar.

For such a small country, it has a strong affinity for the natural world.  There are numerous national parks to enjoy and scenery from the mountains to the sea.  As the saying goes-“try it, you’ll like it”.


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